Resources for Primary Schools

Below are links to resources that can be used to teach English in the Primary Classroom.

There are many flashcards for teaching vocabulary, worksheets for basic grammar activities and games. Most of the resources are in zipped-file format which just needs to be downloaded and unzipped to print them out. The vast majority of files are done in Word and can be easily adapted.

Please feel free to borrow and adapt these ideas – they were developed originally with specific groups in mind which may differ greatly from your own groups. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss strategies or ideas for a particular activity you may have in mind.

Crosswords: Animals crossword; Clothes Crossword; Fruits and Vegetables Crossword; Geography Crossword; Parts of the Body Crossword; Subjects Months Days Crossword

Poetry: Cinquains; Writing a haiku poem

Count/Non-count: Count Non Count (zipped file)

Flashcards: Adjective Flashcards; Alphabet Flashcards; Alphabet Letter Flashcards; Animal Flashcards; Body Part Flashcards; Christmas; Clothes Flashcards; Colour Flashcards; Family Flashcards; Flags; Food and Drink; Fruit & Vegetables a-g; Fruit & Vegetable h-z; Geography; Household; Illness Flashcards; Measures; Numerals and Maths Flashcards; Pastimes Flashcards; People flashcards; ProfessionsQuantity Question Words Flashcards; Restaurant; School Subject Flashcards; Science; Shopping; Sports; Toiletries; Town; Weather;

Geographical Information Gathering

Geography Pairs Activity


Introductions and Personal Description

The Alphabet


1957 Dragons (Marcella McCarthy)




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