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The items and links shared on this website are either:

1. freely available on the Internet and are likewise offered here – freely – for use in the classroom.

2. have been produced by the site owner or other teachers and are, again, freely available to anyone wishing to make use of them for teaching purposes.

None of the resources are to be used commercially.

If any of the included items breaches copyright, this is purely accidental and is not done with commercial or malicious intent. Please contact the webmaster at admin@bobbyenglish.education stating which item you would like to be removed and it will be done immediately.

Although primarily intended for the use of students at RSG Broklede in Breukelen, this website remains the private property of the domainholder and does not represent in any way the opinions of RSG Broklede, nor its parent organization.

The owner of this website uses Oxford Spelling:


However, the texts of other writers are not adapted and so alternate spellings may arise. Whether you choose American, British or Oxford Spelling is a matter of choice BUT it is important to use the system consistently.




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