This page contains suggestions for youngsters and young adult readers. It also has links to novels which do not form part of the Schemes of Work but are worth reading in their own right:

Recommended Books for Young Adults

English books for youngsters

Reading Texts from the Internet

An excellent source of magazines and books to download or read on line – it can also be used to publish your own writing:

The Magnetick Lady (Text) (A comedy of humours by Ben Jonson)

The Monkey s Paw (Text) (1902 A short horror story by WW Jacobs)

The Adventure of The Speckled Band (Text) (Sherlock Holmes adventure)

The Man with the Twisted Lip (Text) (Sherlock Holmes adventure)

A Study in Scarlet (Text) (The very first Sherlock Holmes story!)

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (Text) (Robert Louis Stevenson)

The Railway Children (Text) (Edith Nesbit)

Swiss Family Robinson (Text) (A Swiss version of the Robinson Crusoe tale)

The Velveteen Rabbit (Text)

80AD Book 1 The Jewel of Asgard (Text) 80AD (Fantasy)

80AD Book 2 The Hammer of Thor (Text) (Fantasy)

80AD Book 3 The Tekhen of Anuket (Text) (Fantasy)

80AD Book 4 The Sudarshana (Text) (Fantasy)

80AD Book 5 The Yu Dragon (Text) (Fantasy)

13 on Halloween (Text) (Fantasy)

A Family Legacy (Text) (Adventure)

A Little Orange in the Big Apple (Text)

A Tale of Two Hearts (Text)

Bogamus the Troll (Text)

A Princess of Mars (Text) (by the same writer as Tarzan)

Aesops Fables (Text) (A classic of the Ancient World)

Gullivers Travels (Text) (Jonathan Swift)

One Minute After (Text) (Science Fiction)

Little Brother (Text) (An X-box Geek’s Fantasy!)



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