Here is a link which will open the Scheme of Work for 3TTO for 2014-2015:

3TTO Scheme of Work

This is NOT a fixed scheme – there  will be writing assignments and work on grammar and vocabulary between the texts whenever the teacher thinks this is necessary.

Some of the texts will be treated as a film or documentary rather than in a written form. Some of the written texts are not available on this site as they are still in copyright but they are available from the Mediatheek on loan.

The Return of the Soldier (Text) (Rebecca West)

The Time Machine (Text) (HG Wells)

Introduction to Poetry Booklet

Great War Poetry Booklet

Romeo & Juliet (Text) (William Shakespeare)

Buddy by Nigel Hinton Part 1



Buddy by Nigel Hinton Part 2



Buddy by Nigel Hinton Part 3



Buddy by Nigel Hinton Part 4



Buddy by Nigel Hinton Part 5




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