4 VWO Pre-IB

This link will take you to the Scheme of Work for 4VWO Pre-IB:

4VWO Pre-IB Scheme of Work

English PT 4VWO Pre-IB 2013 2014

Many of the texts and supporting materials are available here:

Catcher in the Rye (Text) (Jerome Salinger)

Frankenstein (Text) (Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley)

Frankenstein Booklet

Lord of the Flies (Text) (William Golding)


 (link to LotF Movie)

Of Mice and Men (Text) (John Steinbeck)


(first of 10 clips of oMaM – navigate on youtube)


Oroonoko (Text) (Aphra Behn)


(Audiobook of Oroonoko on Youtube)


The History of the Nun (Text) (Aphra Behn)

The Features of the Gothic Genre

War of the Worlds (Text) (HG Wells)



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