This link will take you to the Scheme of Work for the 5VWO IB programme:

5VWO IB Scheme of Work

English PTA 5 and 6VWO IB 2013 2015

Use the links below to access the texts:

An Anthology of the Writings of Benjamin Franklin

Animal Farm (Text) (George Orwell)

Canterbury Tales (Text) (Geoffrey Chaucer)

Heart of Darkness (Text) (Joseph Conrad)

Robinson Crusoe (Text) (Daniel Defoe)

Satire Booklet (Text)

The Crucible (Text) (Arthur Miller)

The Diary of a Nobody (Text) (Grossmith)

The Duchess of Malfi (Text) (John Webster)

The Great Gatsby (Text) (F Scott Fitzgerald)

To Kill a Mockingbird (Text) (Harper Lee)

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